Requirements for the use of robot wiring harness


Requirements for the use of robot wiring harness

robot wiring harness

In recent years, the demand for robot wiring harnesses is increasing. Whether it is smart home robots, industrial robots, and robot arms, there are high requirements for robot cables. Robot wiring harnesses mainly require powerful signal transmission functions. Therefore, robot work efficiency The height of is closely related to the robot cable. In fact, many customers are not very familiar with this kind of wire harness, which leads to the robot cable selected in many cases not getting the corresponding requirements. Robots belong to the high-end industry, so the robot wiring harness can be customized according to different types of robots, so as to achieve high-performance matching.

1. First of all, the first point is, of course, the requirements for signal transmission. Everyone knows that robots work according to instructions issued by the computer. These instructions are transmitted by the robot's wiring harness. Therefore, high-quality robots not only have fast signal transmission speed, but also And very precise. On the contrary, a wire harness that does not meet this requirement will completely affect the work of the robot, signal transmission is unstable, and instructions cannot be executed.

2. Secondly, the abrasion resistance of the robot harness is also very important. The robot cable will follow the robot's operation, and the internal stranded wire will float. Therefore, if the cable is not wear-resistant, it will be damaged over time. , So not only the robot cannot be used, but also there will be certain safety risks.

3. Then the robot wiring harness also has certain requirements for flexibility. Various types of robots are of different sizes and are used in different situations. Some robots work with a larger amplitude and operate more frequently. If the wiring harness is not flexible enough, it cannot follow The movement of the robot is resistant to torsion, which will cause serious damage to the wiring harness. Therefore, the flexibility of the robot harness is also a necessary condition.

4. Finally, there is the problem of the service life of the robot harness. The robot harness is different from other industrial parts, and it is not often reworked or replaced. Therefore, the service life of the cable is critical. The durable harness can not only improve the working efficiency of the robot, but also Save maintenance costs.

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